Why are republicans trying to steal this election whilst falsely trying to blame ACORN of Voter fraud?

We’re hearing a lot about the trumped-up charges against ACORN these days—but very little about the massive voter suppression campaign being orchestrated by the Republicans. The GOP is trying to purge thousands of Democratic voters off the rolls in states like Ohio, Florida, and Colorado.1 John McCain and Sarah Palin are falsely accusing a community […]


Is a lawyer subject to sanctions for filing for a Protective Order knowing it has no merit?

Hello, A lawyer and his client tried to get a protective order against my mother and I, knowing it had no merit whatsoever. Additionally, he tried to get us served the day before the initial hearing date that was in a court 1,500 miles away, knowing that we would have no chance to either travel […]


How do I explain an Involuntary Termination without having to explain what happened?

I am having a hard time explaining an Involuntary Termnination that I know was done out of revenge. To Authenticate who I am; Max R Waller 11261 Sproule Ave Pacoima CA 91331 Telephone:1-818-890-2048 Please be patient when reading and respond by writing to united_states_constitution@yahoo.com Wrongful Termination at Sam's Club 6625 at San Fernando California 91340 […]

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