why doesn't family law court care about immigration status?

I posted a question yesterday about how can an illegal immigrant collect child support and I think every one misunderstood the question. I am not trying to collect child support I pay child support to an illegal alien and at the time we got married I had no idea he was illegal. It wasn’t until […]


How do you report someone for perjury? Family law fraud. I have signed documents with fraudulent addresses?

The case is over, but the fraud and perjury was ignored by the judges – two different courts were involved and each court ignored the perjury. Two different court and filed documents on the same day giving different addresses in different countries – American and Canada. It’s provable by these documents. More than the addresses […]


What to do when one has proof of judicial collusion with adversaries counsel?

I am in the middle of several actions in New Jersey that could expose corruption at a very high level. Here is my problem up to the present. My wife filed for divorce in February 2006. Shortly after, (March 2006) my wife files for, and was granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and had me […]

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