Is it Illegal & Considered "Identity Theft" if someone just temporarily "borrows" another's identity?

Is it considered illegal identity theft if someone, just temporarily borrows another person’s identity with no intention to defraud anyone, or ruin anyone’s credit. For example, if a person with no SSN uses a relatives name and SSN to buy a Prepaid Direct Deposit Cash Card to verify Paypal & so that family/relatives/friends, can easily […]


Weird & Interesting fraud e-mails……………?

Okay, I keep getting these e-mails that come from regular e-mail addresses. Like a regular hotmail/yahoo/gmail etc. account. Their from real people (I think), and most of them tell stories about how thier clients, family, relatives etc.. died or w/e and that I can get money from it, probably more than 1 million, no less. […]

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