What should happen to the Illegal immigrant cop whom will plead guilty to ID theft he has a child?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A former Anchorage police officer accused of being an illegal immigrant living under a stolen identity plans to plead guilty to federal charges, according to court documents. Mexico-born Rafael Mora-Lopez, who lived for more than two decades in Alaska as Rafael Espinoza, said in court papers he will plead guilty to charges […]


Is all of this true? If not what isn't? What else do you know about the fifth Amendment?

For school I have to know about the fifth amendment and I need to make sure all of it is true! Thanks The Fifth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution enumerates five distinct individual freedoms: (1) the right to be indicted by an IMPARTIAL GRAND JURY before being tried for a federal criminal offense; (2) […]


Are activists & Mexicans on standby to protest Postville immigration raid 83 alleged child labor violations?

Two top officials of Agriprocessors Inc. were sentenced to prison Wednesday for their roles in the immigration and bank fraud scandal at the eastern Iowa meat plant. Mitch Meltzer, 50, of Postville was sentenced to 41-months in prison after his conviction on a federal conspiracy charge. Meltzer, the plant’s former head accountant, admitted that he […]

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