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What Do You Think – TIME's List of Top 10 Risky Tax Return Moves?

1. Intentionally Creating Your Own Losses A South Carolina man intentionally burned down his home after his wife had an affair and instead of raking in the losses he was arrested for arson and got no money back. 2. Going Without Receipts One should always keep reciepts, especially for medical or big purchases. A man […]


what will happen to me when i surrender to the police?

As a rhetorical question if you had been on the run and then surrender to the ;Police then what will happen, will i be taken straight to jail , will I be able to speak to a lawyer ? will I get extra jail time . the case is for fraud so not a violent […]


what is the difference between a federal crime and a state crime??

and if you commit a federal crime will you ALWAYS be sentencedd to a federal prison? also arent federal prisons much safer and easier than the state prisons?? and BTW if someone gets in trouble for fraud, counterfeit, embezzelment, or stock cheating they will go to a federal prison right? and with hose crimes like […]


Is this social security fraud? Is that a Federal crime?

If someone is falsely using your child to claim welfare benefits, obviously this is welfare fraud. Is this also social security fraud? Isn’t social security fraud a Federal crime?


in an identity theft case, How much money is stolen before it becomes federal?

I need to find out when Identity theft becomes a US Federal Crime.

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