should Insurance companies be made to pay back tax payers?

As I stated a few months backs some insurance companies have committed State and Federal fraud by stating people with work related,car accident related,product liability related injuries conditions are pre-existing conditions so they would not have treat these injuries and if a person has medicaid,medicare,or social security these bills are paid for by the tax […]


Am I able to obtain Child support from a parent in a foreign country?

My oldest son’s father is from Argentina. He was here legally on a VISA through his father, who became a US Citizen through employment with Hewlett Packard. A couple years ago however, after we split up, he moved to Virginia, and was then deported a year later after facing federal fraud charges for cashing his […]


If mandatory Federal Medical is past in the USA I suggest Drug Testing.?

This would really help on the war on drugs and cut down on federal fraud and child support plus we could bring back orphanges. What do you think we could use this program to clean up our country. We could also document aliens for deportment. What are you thoughts on this idea or ideas?

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