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Why are felons not allowed to work at almost any Business?

Personally i know that most jobs have a natural respect to keep felons out depending on the type of crimes, like a person charged with Fraud or Money Laundering couldnt work at a bank or a Sex Offender work at a daycare or school, but other offenders could do other jobs and hell even Sex […]


Does any state match (or God forbid surpass) Illinois’ level of corruption?

Our last five governors in order (1973 – current) Dan Walker (D) – CONVICTED FELON. Seven year sentence for Savings & Loan fraud totaling over million. Crimes were so bad Clinton refused to pardon him. Jim Thompson (R) – Deep association with two convicted felons: Jim Thompson spent million of his law firm’s money defending […]


Read this article. Is it fair to conclude from this news story that ACORN stole the WA Governorship for Dems? Excerpt: ————- The BIAW has criticized the work of elections officials in King County, where most of the questioned voting took place in the 2004 gubernatorial race. Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire eventually edged out Republican Dino Rossi by 133 votes after two recounts and Rossi’s court challenge, which detailed allegations of vote fraud and […]


Does any intelligent person doubt that the Bush family is felonious in its rape of America?

Disregarding the ignorant cheers from the pom-pom squad of Bush sycophants, can anybody present a logical or factual argument that this family of felons, frauds and nazi enablers doesn’t deserve decapitation with a dull-bladed guillotine?


What kind of lawyer do I need to sue a school if they commited fraud and discrimination?

I am located in Long Island NY the career department of my college has withheld my resume from potential employers stating that b/c I have a felony they will lose there connections if a company does background checks. That in itself is illegal but add to that I have a Certificate of Relief and […]

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