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What about the truly astonishing family-law injustice of paternity fraud don't …?

… mainstream feminists get? Or is it just that the victims are men, so what does it matter?


If it is men's "job" to stop and rape and violence?

feminists claim it is men’s job to stop violence and rape against women, even if they have never done anything wrong in their life, Like the woman in this video so then should it be all should be women’s "job" to stop false rape accusation, paternity fraud, child abuse, child killing etc..?


Are MRA's just pissy at the fact women can obtain a divorce?

Because marriage is the biggest thing they complain about. Also parental fraud, which can be easily solved by compulsory DNA testing at birth. Feminists support compulsory DNA testing because its IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD. So, MRA’s, why dont you lobby for compulsory DNA testing rather than whining about "feminists being the cause". […]


Am I sexist towards white women?

I know the politcally correct liberals don’t like it but I don’t believe in feminism. Women should have rights but feminists go too far. If you ask the average feminist about female-led child abuse(mothers who beat their children, women who commit paternity fraud, etc) they will claim such abuse doesn’t exist. I also believe women […]


Why not have awareness raising campaigns about all the negative things women do?

Feminists seem very keen to warn little girls about all the evil male rapists, abusers and cheaters out there (and to remind little boys about their gender’s alleged flaws). Why should men not warn little boys about all the women who use men for money, falsely accuse men of rape, abuse the family court system, […]


Three questions about paternity fraud!?

There are 3 questions -Why is it different from other kind of fraud? -Why do feminists say that its inquiry is not the best for the child’s sake? -If its inquiry were not the best for the child’s sake, who would be responsible for such crime, mom or the false father? Doodlestuff: You are saying […]


Why do feminists oppose paternity tests when 30% prove the man was the victim of fraud? Support of slavery?

Today, 30% of DNA paternity tests, nearly one in three, prove that the man involved is not the father of the child in question: With ~4M children born per years, this means 1.2M Men every year are victims of paternity fraud. This also means that 1.6M men are paying child support for children that […]


Why do feminists support paternity fraud?

Why do feminists support women who commit paternity fraud? Paternity fraud occurs when a woman lies to a man claiming he’s the father of her child, when he isn’t, and then gets child support out of him. If he’s been paying child support for more than a few months or years (depending on the state) […]

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