Hi, I had obtained my Fiance visa when my Fiance decided to visit my in my home country to accompany me to US, during his visit my mother got so sick and we decided to have wedding ceremony and marriage right away in my Homeland country. After that, I entered US with my Husband based […]


Must law abiding, tax payers take the law into their own hands to deal with illegals?

ICE refuses to investigate (much less detain/prosecute), the "illegal" immigrant I married on a Fiance Visa she LIED to obtain! One that she was not eligible to have in the first place (Moral Turpitude aka Child Abuser). Since her arrival here she has committed at LEAST five other Felonies (documented), but still no investigations or […]


Is there a set dollare amount for Insurance Fraud, before someone can be prosecuted?

My "ex" filed false claims against my health insurance policy, months AFTER she became inelligible to use my insurance. She has filed claims with Physicians and for perscriptions as well. Must the Fraud be of a certain dollar amount before she can be prosecuted?? I need to be more responsible??? Hey guy I turned her […]

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