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One Flew Over The Coocko's Nest Essay! PLEASE HELP;DESPERATE!?

The essay MUST be exactly 3 pages long: You are a lawyer for the families of the Chief, Harding, Billy Bibbitt, Ruckly, Ellis, Fredrickson, Sefelt George Sorensen, and McMurphy. you are filing a lawsuit agains Nurse Ratched and the hospital. in an essay, make your preliminary case to the judge abouyt why the hospital is […]


Leasing Agreement (Commercial Property) California: Wrong Square Footage?

My parents had a lease for 20 plus years. The landlord sold the property so we needed to renew the lease. We then found out by the new landlord that the square footage has been overstated for many years by the previous landlord. What can I do? From that point we have spoken to a […]


If a man admitted using a fake name & Social Security number to the tax preparer is this not a crime?

From the man to the tax preparer and why is the ACUL filing a lawsuit because of this ?After authorities investigated thousands of tax files for bogus Social Security numbers used by illegals to steal refunds, the ACLU responded with a class-action lawsuit – but now a Colorado district attorney is fighting back. The Weld […]


my dog was spayed but still got pregnant?

my dog was spayed a few months ago (or so i thought) she went to the vet ..i picked her up later…she even had stitches on her abdomen from the surgery. she has been gaining weight but i thought it was because she was spayed (the vet told me she would gain some weight) but […]


Can I still make a complaint against this idiot lawyer?

A few years ago I got a nasty call from a lawyer of this pay day loan company. Boy was he ever making threats against me. He said the store was going to charge me with Fraud and sue me, and come to my work and arrest me. (it was a Tuesday) He said if […]


Need general advice on how to proceed in a case of fraud committed against me?

Hello, I was defrauded of money by a partner in a real estate transaction, and this partner has since left the country so there is little chance of recouping my money from him. However, there was also an accountant involved, Morris (background: Morris was and still is a close friend of my ex- partner, and […]

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