bill sent to collections without contacting co-signer, by phone or mail is this legal? ?

I co-signed for my daughters apartment June 1 of 2007 her lease was up on May 31st 2008, I get a call today (1-7-09) from a collection agency telling me I owe this money for the painting of the apartment less the deposit I paid down on the apartment, which I have no problem paying […]


Debt collection agency questions. Could this be fraud?

My husband has been getting phone calls from a collection agency at work. The agent calls but when my husband answers he hangs up right away. They will leave messages but will not talk to anyone when they call and someone answers. The supposed debt was from an HSBC credit card. We filed chapter 13 […]


How do you anonomously report someone filing bankruptcy for fraud?

I know, it sounds vengeful. That’s because it is. However, I have reasons. My ex-wife is filing bankruptcy with her new husband (that she left me for – her fourth husband, I might add) She has hit me pretty hard for child support. Within the last couple weeks, she received over 00 in child support, […]

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