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Do you think Brian Rosen of Weil Gotshal Manges should be charged with bankruptcy fraud in the WAMU bankruptcy?

Here are details: 187. This is not a picture of a Debtor who assiduously discharged its responsibilities as fiduciaries for all interested parties, shareholders as well as creditors. It is a sorry story of a bankruptcy run in secret, with the knowledge and complicity of the Debtors, for the benefit of a favored few, […]


You commited tax fraud in the past, someone reported you, so you stop. Can you still get in trouble?

Long story short. My friends finance has been claiming a kid from mexico to help out the family for 2 years now. This year he "heard" he got reported so he didn’t claim the child. Now my friend is worried her finance will still get in some kind of trouble. Will the penalties be lightened […]


Extended warranty cancelation from dealer?

I recently have done lots of extensive research online about purchasing a car. So, I ended up buying the car from the Auto Plaza since they can offer me a invoice price for the Honda CRV 2010. The salesman is ok. I bought the car ( I specially asked black color car only, no other […]


Mutual fund fraud and aftermath. Need help!?

My family entercountered a problem recently. If you will bear with me I will explain it quickly. My wife and I invested 100K into a "fund." This fund is not big, having about 70 investors. Last November, I did not want to take the risk anymore so I withdrew all my money without the profit, […]


Car Dealership fraud?

A just bought this new car and got a great price for it…agreed to the terms and signed the contract…so I thought…They put the paperwork in an enveloped and went home…3 weeks later I opened my envelope and the contract in the envelop was different than the one I signed but it had my signature… […]


Couldn't this very positive development of arrest of a terrorist financier be augmented? by the refusal to vote for persons and organizations that advocated and supported the detention and refusal to release civilians by LTTE forces? As well as the prosecution of LTTE finance arms from abroad, especially as they relate to manipulating and defrauding international markets. CHECK DRAFTS NOW CHANDRASIRI Casimir – there is […]


Were do i go to find out about yahoo fiance order #721103288 ?

Broker Richard Gutierrez Sunnyvale Ca Broker? Had felt safe because it had Susan Deker on it , and took me to Yahoo Finance page. Was this was FRAUD? If so what can be done about it? From Mary Buberel was were order # came from


Constitue mortgage fraud?

If an unlicensed loan officer (3rd party) own a home based business processing loans for home and uses false credit references from family and friends employed at legitimate businesses, would this be mortgage fraud? Why does it matter, if it does matter, that the poeple have or have not lost their homes to foreclosure? Does […]


how do i get the phishing logo to appear on yahoo search engine?

yahoo has logos or icons appearing besides their search engine. for example, yahoo mail; weather; finance,etc. i would like to know how to get the ‘phishing’ icon to appear. that way when fake companies send email to my email address, the phishing icon will light up or give some other warning or indication that the […]

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