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Looking for legal advice from lawyers?

I worked for a company as a sub-contractor. They work for banks doing property preservation services.They owe my company more than 10,000 dollars and refuse to pay it all. The first check they sent was not endorsed, the second one is not the right amount and has omissions and the third one has never arrived. […]


What do you do if you know your sister in law is doing fraud?

I just know found out that my sister in law let the cat out of the bag. She has bought 3 million dollars worth of real estate on a single income. Her husband is a lawyer but you cant tell me hes bringing in tons of money. He hasn’t worked in a year and she […]


Is there anything we can do to get the money back from the state?

My husband has sent his ex more than the required amount of child support every month since they separated. But, to get more money, she signed the kids up for welfare and told them he has never paid support. The boys are living with us and have been with us 70% of the time in […]


Repossession and dealership fraud?

Recently we have had two double whammys….my husband got injured at work and our income has been greatly reduced which lead to us getting behind on our car payment and now facing repo but we also have recently uncovered that there are some illegal items with regards to the car and the car loan….first, odometer […]

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