Would you seek advice from a pastor on making millions through real estate investments?

Given the following report, would any R&S contrinutors seek financial advice from a pastor? If so, which pastor? A Jensen Beach Pastor and his wife have been convicted of mortgage fraud by a Martin County Jury. Rodney McGill and his mortgage broker wife, Shalonda face up to 170 years in prison after running a mortgage […]


Forging financial info in child support case?

My husband recently filed for contempt against his ex for forging info she submitted to the court in regards to her salary. He has custody of their 2 children. He recieved an order from the judge stating that a rule should be awarded, that they do find that she is violating an Order of the […]


Is a Parent fit if he/she involves a child in fraud?

Scenario – child applying for financial aid with assistance from one parent. All financial information pertaining to the family is supposed to be included. The parent purposely hides information and the child is aware of what has been omitted and knows it should be included. This causes a calculation of the expected family contribution score […]

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