Auto Fraud? What should I do?

I purchased a car from a used dealer two weeks ago for ,000. I have had nothing but problems with it since. The first week I had to have the car jumped every day if not twice a day. The car would shake when idle and the RPM meter would jump past 2 or 3. […]


Is this tax fraud, it has alot of reading, so please give me serious answers!?

This is going to be long, so everyone has an understanding on the situation. I worked for a company for about 3 years as a Administrative Assistant. I started my job at the age of 18 years old, 3 months after I graduated from high school, she hired me. I worked there and had paid […]


Isn’t purposely stopping short so that the car behind you hits you insurance fraud?

I hate tailgaters as much as the next person but I think I witnessed insurance fraud today. I was behind two cars and one of them was going extremely slow. They kept stopping like they were going to turn and then would pull back into the lane and go straight. The person behind them was […]

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