Does the Down-Sized family get paid?

This is a question for those that know about the show Down-Sized on WE TV. I have watched a few episodes of the last season and am now seeing commercials for the new season, which will be starting soon. I keep wondering over and over again; is the premise for this show even credible? Its […]


Have you used the Identity theft protection offered by Lifelock?

I am debating whether to use this service or not. I know that no service can afford to offer absolute protection but would appreciate if I could get first person accounts. Please, reply only if you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled in the past or know someone who is/was enrolled. I have done […]


When An Acquaintance Is Getting Ready To Commit Financial, Pyramidal Harakiri…?

…and they've already offered to drag you down with them, should one bother to point out the fact that they will be disemboweling their financial future, or simply say, "No Thanks," and walk away? A girl I knew somewhat in high school (we never really reached the friendly stage) and who I have not seen […]

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