Is it true that most Americans don't give a damn about all the fraud involved in the foreclosure crisis?

"What’s sad is that most Americans who have an opinion about the foreclosure crisis don’t give a s___ about all the fraud involved. They don’t care that these mortgages wouldn’t have been available in the first place if the banks hadn’t found a way to sell oregano as weed to pension funds and insurance companies. […]


looking 4 a good lawyer. we have a very strong case a woman who commited paternity fraud and addmitted it. tv?

she extorted over ,000.00 from my husband, and admitted on national television on Cristina’s court to the world that she knew that he was not the father from the very beginning. we have a very strong case much info since 2001 when his military wages were being garnished. we are seeking justice, to paid back […]

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