Why not just convert every loan with a variable rate higher than 8% to a 7% fixed rate?

Can someone tell me why the US government cannot just define any loan with variable rate that has exceeded 8% for the last 6 months (2/08-8/08) as "predatory" and convert them overnight to a high but reasonable FIXED rate — say 7% — to clear the predatory loan issue? That is not too generous to […]


Ok this is a question about Taylor Bean and Whitaker and possible fraud.?

We had a refinanced home loan from Taylor Bean and Whitaker. We refinanced to get a fixed rate. Seven months later they rose our payment 0 because they said there was a shortage in our escrow. We abandoned the house and let it forclose. Now they are after us. We have since found out that […]


How are providers reimbursed by medicare and medicaid?

i have a presentation about medical fraud, and need to know how defrauders essentially defraud the federal and state government. Is one of them a fixed rate? I know that for one of them there is a resource value unit and its multiplied by other factors such as location and what not. thank you very […]

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