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I am being accused of food stamp fraud. I didnt report when the husband moved out.?

my husband and I had been through a bad bankruptcy in February. In October of 2008 i received food stamps for the 8 of us. I have 6 children. By the end of the month He had gotton a new job, but I put him out because we were having too many problems over money.. […]


SSI and Widow's Benefits?

I have an Uncle that died of cancer a year ago. He had tons of health problems, and my Aunt does too. She applied for SSD some years ago and was denied, I have advised her to keep going to the doctors so that her medical problems will be documented thoroughly, and then file again. […]


Does anyone know an email address to report food stamp fraud?

I’m looking for an email address to report a food stamp fraud case to. I’m wanting to report this and have been told to contact the Division of Family Resources but when you call that all you get is a recording. I would like to contact someone to report it. Thanks for your help in […]


How do I report my inlaws for committing food stamp fraud without destroying the family and should I do it?

I am in a terrible situation. My in-laws are committing food stamp fraud. They both work for cash under the table along with some minimal W-2 jobs (just so they have proper paperwork for the IRS) and receive food stamps but do not report their cash income to the State or the Fed. They make […]


Does this sound like child neglect to you?

I’m on the fence about reporting a woman I know who has Food Stamps and continually and habitually "sells off" her Food Stamps for money for alcohol, cigarettes, and most likely, drugs. Meanwhile, there will be days — in a row, where her children won’t even have milk or cereal or any food in the […]


Are the "No Accounts" really taking over?

What I mean the people who take no accountability in their lives. The under acheivers. Not the people who can achieve….the people who won’t. The women who have 2 or 3 babies with out husbands and no physical means of supporting them…. purposefully, because the KNEW the government would cover their actions and pay them. […]


Legal consequences for medicaid fraud and food stamp fraud in Arkansas?

I just heard through the family that my cousin is guilty of food stamp fraud and medicaid fraud… it’s a long story and there’s no doubt he and his wife are guilty.. they recieved a call from the Dept of Human Services Investigation Division, and admitted everything… and are willing to cooperate. But, I’m trying […]


How do you get child support from dead beat parents in Iowa?

I live in Iowa and my cousin dumped her son on us. We are financially stable as far as our family however I did not anticipate having another teen in the house which will put a hardship on us if we treat him like one of our own. His mother has 3 kids–3 different dads– […]


I have primary custody and suspect my wife is obtaining food stamps from our children that I have custody with?

I suspect food stamp fraud from my wife with our Children whom the court has awarded me primary custody of please advise.


child custody for non custodial parent?

im being told i cant see my son she commited food stamp fraud she lied to child support people told them i dont live in the home i told child support that i have bank statements showing i did live there she said if i show them my statements she would not let me see […]


I would like to know where to report social security/disability fraud.?

Can you report anonomously? Also, where would you send self gathered evidence so it will really be looked at. Where do you report food stamp fraud?

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