What is the penalty for food stamp fraud in texas?

I know this lady who had a job then husband left her then she got a 2nd job for 3 months to pay her home because she was loosing it so then she quit the 2nd job .she never reported the 2nd job to food stamp office the after 2 years she received a letter […]


What can we do about Medicaid fraud?

I recently reported a couple of people who are on Medicaid and have more money then god, just because they don’t feel like paying for health insurance, and the people at the state department of health and hospitals sent a letter to them and then nothing else. I’ve called so many times and they treat […]


is it fraud on child social security disability and F.S if?

(asking for a friend ) is it fraud on child social security disability and getting food stamps if the mother had a fiancee a few months ago and told SSD office and food stamp office that the guy was a room mate and they split all bills and income but they did not do that […]

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