Who was it who said, "Destroy the Family, and you can destroy the Society"?

Eliminate the sacredness of the marriage covenant from the minds of the masses. Make them believe marriage is outdated and blasé Inspire hatred against the family unit, manhood and fatherhood Institute no-fault divorce and encourage serial divorces Incite rampant promiscuity, fornication and adultery Make having illegitimate children become a common practice Convince society that a […]


hyles Anderson college/jack hyles a fraud? fund. Baptist?

9/23/02 [To David Cloud] Jack Hyles was not only wrong on salvation and repentance, he was also a class "A" fraud. I graduated from his college and seminary in the 1980s. I attended First Baptist Church of Hammond for seven years. I played their game quite well, not knowing any better at the time. I […]

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