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Pat Robertson fraud with diamonds, the dictator, and planes for the poor!?

As widely reported across the internet a few years ago what do you think about Pat Robertson and the Zaire Dictator Mobutu Seko(a murderous thug) diamond connection? Pat Robertson began begging for donations for 3 new planes to benefit Operation Blessing in 1994 for humanitarian assistance in Africa. Specifically to remove refugees and provide medical […]


how do I go about checking my identity for possible identity theft?

I tried to check my credit report online through They told me they were unable to verify that I was who I said I was. And that I had a morgage in 2005. I have never had a morgage. How do I go about researching this without costing a fortune?


is Credit Default Swaps on subprime mortgages the biggest insurance FRAUD in history?

Credit Default Swaps: So the banks were betting on the failure of all the subprime mortgages that they issued. The banks made a fortune when the economy started to collapse and lots of people defaulted on their subprime mortgages. Yet the banks LIED to Congress and demanded a bail out to cover their losses when […]


Fraud Investigation?

I need advice from Law Enforcement. I was scammed for ,000 by a guy who used a fake name and said he was from a company that he wasn’t associated with. He had an e-mail address that looked like it came from the real company, phone number the works. I wired the money to a […]


ask if you would pay air ambulance 16.500.00 knowing all the facts. this was not a medical evacuation.?

My husband was taken to a hospital 33 miles from emergency call by ground ambulance and charged 850.00. He was transferred by air 77 miles to Vegas by air ambulance for kidney stone. I am sure this was a case of fraud he was traveling and also on the job and insured, I am sure […]


If I am a victim of mortgage (loan) fraud….?

I believe that I am a victim of mortgage fraud and total loss is about 0,000.00 I already contacted FBI and also hired private attorney to file a lawsuit against the lender, seller, appraiser, realtor and the title company. To make a long story short .I bought a property which was inflated by the seller […]


How do I report identity theft on a deceased person's behalf?

I looked myself up on a background check site. My father who passed away 13 years ago is suddenly alive and well living about 30 miles from me. OH! And he’s 16 years younger! Amazing, right? Obviously someone stole his identity, and unless they’re rich & I inherit their fortune (because I show up as […]

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