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My stepdad is committing social security fraud. What should I do?

I just found out that my stepdad has been drawing additional social security on my sixteen-year-old brother who has been living with me for almost a year. My mother and stepfather pay me and my husband 300 a month for his room and board. This is well below minimum child support requirements. We all live […]


Why do high-profile people commit fraud and other crimes?

An Oklahoma County judge was charged this week with fraud. She "adopted" twins for foster care and received over ,000 in cash for benefits for 3 years in caring for them and then gave them to her court room bailiffs sister to raise, and never shared any of the money with her either. An Oklahoma […]


C.P.S. Fraud?

Please take a Look at this Website , and answer this Question do you feel the Child Protection Services are Really there For the Protection of Children or are they just in it For the Money . Do they allow Children to be abused in Foster Care ? Do they Alianate Children from their Pareent […]


someone i know is committing fraud on a regular basis, and is a drug user- what to do?

an individual family member is committing fraud in many ways. she has stolen credit cards somewhere to the amount of 50000.00 and steels all the time from stores. has recently started to apply for car loans with my dead moms ss#- only reason i know is the loan places keep calling me. she uses meth […]

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