Bay Realty Investment & Franchise in California in DRE record is expired, can it sell land or LLC project?

I am about to invest the land , which Bay Realty Investment & Franchise is selling, I joined their seminar in Wednesday’s dinner, and when I check the DRE record, it seems, the company has expired, but the agent Edward told me that they have over 200 real estate agents, I tried Bay Realty Group, […]


How does a consumer report a scam car repair center for committing fraud by rigging a smog test to fail?

A local repair shop in California tried to hook me for expensive unnecessary diagnostics and repairs after "failing" me for a smog test. After doing some searching online, I found a legit repair shop and they did not find anything wrong with the car. The employee told me some repair shops lure consumers with cheap […]


Please Help me!! Its a family problem with the law!?

Okay so my family cleans businesses for a living AKA a franchise and recently we started cleaning this place with a bunch of lawyers. So when we started ( like a month or two ago) we had to take a tour of the building to know what we were going to clean. So this lady […]

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