Will you help me compile a list of all of Obama’s Connections?

Here are the ones I have Tony Rezko -Sold Obama land reeeal cheap. -On trial for corruption Reverend Jeremiah Wright -Obama’s reverend and spiritual advisor for almost half his life -Does anti-American services in Church -Blames the government for giving AIDS to blacks in Africa -Blames America for the 9/11 attacks Franklin Raines -Obama’s housing […]


When Franklin Raines admitted guilt in the Fannie Mae fraud scheme, why did Obama keep him on staff?

Franklin Raines, with two other defendants, settled with the Justice Department on April 18, 2008, agreeing to pay fines of million. In addition, Raines agreed to pay back an additional .8 million he received from a recent stock sale. Did he see the crisis coming and sell out his shares early?


If you think the Palin is unfit to serve as VP because of the corruption allegations….?

Then do you also think that Obama is unfit to serve as PRESIDENT because of: His involvement with ACORN, an organization tied to voter fraud scandals? His prefessional and friendly relationship with William Ayers, a man who bombed NYC Police stations and the Pentagon with the intent to mame and kill innocent US citizens AND […]

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