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Social Security Card and Checkbook stolen?

Recently my social security card and checkbook were stolen. I have two bank accounts open and one credit card. I have put a fraud alert on my credit for three months and I am going to close both bank accounts tomorrow. Then, I am going to go to social security and replace my card. Is […]


How to get id-theft-related info from a business that refuses?

I was the victim of identity theft. Someone used my name, e-mail, phone number, and address to get a new credit card, and purchase something. I was not personally charged anything, but it was under my name. I have done everything I have been advised of so far (credit agency fraud alert, contacted the FTC, […]


I lost my wallet including driver's licence, 3 credit cards, social security card,etc. What should I do next?

I lost my wallet including driver’s licence, 3 credit cards, social security card, ATM receipts, etc. I called all credit card companies to cancel the cards, and put a fraud alert on my credit file. I have heard of social security cards being used fraudulently to apply for jobs, etc. What steps should I take […]


Credit Fraud alert on my file…i can't check my credit…why?

I was sent 350 dollars from my mother in law through money gram. they wouldnt release the funds to me, said she had to call in. they claimed that someone with my name had been recieving lots of money grams and was under investigation for money laundering. I was freaked out, but after a few […]


HELP FRAUD!!!I found out today that someone has been using my social security number to get insurance!!!?

I originally wasn’t going to get insurance with my company then i did, but didn’t recieve a card. the benefits manager called me back with this info, i faxed her my social security number so she could clear it. i recently got updated credit reports from all three agencies so my credit hasn’t been tampered […]


added user to my credit account with wrong social security number?

i added my fiance to my account on a credit card and i believe i put his social security number in a digit off… His credit account is now under a fraud alert. Will the alert expire in 90 days? And should i call my creidt card company and fix his social number or will […]


I can't access my credit report thru Equifax!?

I’ve been trying to access my credit report through Equifax, but each time I try online it won’t let me, so I tried mailing in which didn’t work either. A friend of mine who works as a broker managed to pull a copy of the 3 combined which had a load of misinformation on it […]


What should I do if I got a letter saying I may have been the victim of identity theft?

I applied for something and the place where I applied sent me a letter saying that a hacker got into their system and that hacker may have gotten my social security number, address, etc. I called the major credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on my account, but is there anything else that I […]


Medical ID theft in another state….will the police really do anything to help me? Any other advice?

I’m in Texas, and used to be a resident of Michigan. I moved in 2003. I found out today that someone used my information (my maiden name, date of birth, social security number) to receive medical services at 2 different facilities for their child in 2006 in Michigan. I have not been back to Michigan […]


Identity Theft Victim: How can I prove I am who I am?

I wrote for a copy of my credit reports, included copies of my drivers license, social security card, paycheck stub and utility bill. They claim they need additional information that I do not have! I have never had a loan and cannot supply a mortgage company. I have not owned a vehicle in years and […]


Fraud Phone Call, Con man has my SSN?

A con man made a call claiming to be an officer from Department of Revenue. He said that I applied for LLC business license, but failed to complete paperwork. I was panic when I heard someone tried to file for LLC under my name. The guy said my ssn over the phone and asking is […]


How do you actually report identity theft?

I always thought it was a problem that happened to other people. I put a fraud alert on my SSN and credit report but do I actually call the cops on the person doing it?


Have I been a victim of identity theft?

I have recently received an email and 2 letters stating that I have been denied credit that I did not apply for. I have called 2 of 3 companies and they stated that the application was done online with all of my exact information including, ss#, address, home phone, full name. Both stated there is […]


T J Maxx security breach?

Somebody got my debit card numbers & street address and I am trying to figure out how. They charged 5 small items and had them mailed to me. According to the companies they charged from, they didn’t get my bank account number, phone number or email address. The debit card is frozen and I got […]


Fraud by family, What do I do now? How do i fix it on my credit report?

So my father took my info and opened credit cards in 2003-2004. I recently looked at my file and there is more in 2007. I put a fraud alert on my account. But now what? Contact the collection agencies? Any step by step instructions would be great. Thank you


How do I file an identity theft alert for my sons and myself?

We are moving and my car was broken into. They stole my wallet, which had my sons' social security cards, and my old one with my maiden name and my new one. They also ended up with my routing and account number, but I closed the account. They had my ID too, but that was […]

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