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someone stole a check from my checkbook and wrote and cashed the check?

I called the bank and told them it wasnt the 1st time and gave them all the checks only a sum of 50 dollars. I know the person but they are denying it how long or will the bank actually do anything about this since i filed a fraud claim?


Fraud. Family. Is this terrible of me?

sooo, i’ll try make this short. ever since even my first job at 16 my mother has been stealing money from me. She also asked my boyfriend if she could borrow some money after we were only dating for a week(i didnt know she’d asked but he said yes being all nice) she never gave […]


question on beating travel insurance fraud?

hi if you are suspected of a travel insurance fraud claim what will be the first step they will take will i get arrested immediately how to defend it.. will the insurance company calls and lets you know or they just dont refund the claimed amount kindly advise


Question about bank of america fraud claims?

Okay I bank with bank of america and i have family that i can not trust they have stolen my bank of america information and made some purchases on my account I filed a fraud claim report and filed a police report now it has happen again I have not clue how they are getting […]

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