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Bank Legal Issues, Monitoring Activity, Income Tax, Etc.?

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I play poker regularly at casinos and make a profit doing so. Right now, I keep my cash in my room at home but I’m concerned with security. I just began playing at the casino since I turned 21 not too long ago, so I only […]


can you sue a builder / developer for fraud and misrepresentation?

I was just trying to get some opinions on this matter yesterday, The reality of my situation is I hired an attorney in 2009 and we have been gathering information for my case. I have found out that the permits that were required by the state or local government were never obtained, no department of […]


How can I stop from sending magazines?

First of all my kids are older and I don’t have any toddlers or infants nor have I ever been on any sites. I have no clue how they got my email and my home mailing address. On there site they have no phone number to call but I was able to submit a […]


Wanted to ask a lawyer this religious question, The Vatican is not a true state so no immunity for the Pope?

But no money or cards. That question as well as the below info. Can I get the right answer here for free? Please! Fraud protection against counterfeit religion and religious leaders who are secular not spiritual in truth! Can the nations give universal power to the United Nations to tax fraud secular religion? A religious […]


Legal Question: Security Breach at the Corporate Office.?

I work for a particular company. We recently had a security breach at our main corporate office. Hardware was stolen with employees social security numbers, date of birth, and full names. And possibly other unstated personal information. The company is taking a stance stating that the information was password protected and that the circumstance leads […]

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