How come you turn someone into social security fraud unit and they don't do anything to cut those people off ?

I turn someone in social security fraud unit and they have done nothing because she lied and the doctor lied too. She souls be cut off. And her husband is now working full time. And social security fraud unit still don’t do anything about this.


Welfare Fraud Santa Clara County California?

In Santa Clara County, California. My daughters mother committed welfare fraud a couple of years ago with-her older sons father. There was a DV and on the police report she admitted to living with this guy and having a son together. She was on welfare at the time. Today she still collects welfare, still see’s […]


Child support fraud in NY?

My boyfriend and his ex have 2 kids together she was on drugs and not taking care of them so he and her mother went to family court to have her mother get custody of them and he and his ex have visitation. His ex is on ss and petitioned for child support as the […]

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