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Social security number and credit card fraud?

My girlfriend just started a new job at a health care company as customer service representative. She told me that all customer service reps have access to client information including their social security number. It made me wonder, how easy is it for those customer service representatives to use that information for fraudulent activities? Can […]


where can I find information on identity theft laws?

I recently discoverd that someone ( a family member) has been using my social securtiy number to obtain credit cards, and to open accounts. How do i explain to companies that despite the fact that I resided in the residences that had the accounts open, I was unaware of the fraudulent activities?


Fraud(Class 2 Felony) what will be the Punishment?

I have a question. How much time can one do or what is the maximum sentence for a Fraud Conviction.? Here is more info…….. A friend was picked up by the FBI last year in October for Theft by Government contract.(Medicaid Fraud). On a 20,000 bond. We paid 2,000 and got him out. so now […]


How can I report international scams related to business loans offered & scammed of funds by various lenders?

My company wants to know where can we report international fraud committed as a form of Business Loans offered by unscroupolous and Ilegal Lenders who’s taken our Company’s fees and had never delivered a/o transfer the funds to our company’s account as estipulated; we need advanced information on how to pursuit and prosecute this lenders […]


Why is it that when I Google ACORN and fraud, misuse, corruption is always sure to follow?

Liberals… in 2000 and 2004 there was no systematic, no corrupt taxpayer funded group that taught voter fraud. There is no comparison to ACORN… in 14 states, so far, they have been under investigation or have had found of fraudulent activities. ACORN had a great trainer and lawyer that thought them how to solicit voters […]

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