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If illegals can obtain legal drivers licenses by fraud can they not also game the system welfare, food stamps?

If illegals can obtain legal drivers licenses by fraud can they not also game the system welfare, food stamps , document fraud , can get illegals anything .GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — CBS Atlanta has uncovered through the Gwinnett County Sheriff, that a suspected illegal immigrant may have obtained a Georgia driver’s license. According to Gwinnett […]


What do you think hardworking Illegal Aliens Arrested for Making and Selling Fake Documents?

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Two Mexican citizens remain in custody facing federal criminal charges following the execution of a search warrant in a local trailer park Dec. 15 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents. Rafael Montiel-Melendez, 35, and Hector Melendez-Segura, 44, were arrested Dec. 15 after ICE HSI […]


Is having good relations with illegals worth all these consequences?

The Utah Highway Patrol, Utah Attorney General and numerous other senior law enforcement officials throughout Utah are determined to maintain good relations with Utah’s rapidly growing illegal alien community. This may be good for the illegal aliens, but it is bad for Utah citizens because illegal immigration and identity theft go hand-in-hand. According to a […]


Why do they still keep insisting that identity theft by illegals is a victimless crime?

I understand what these illegal alien advocates think they are doing even though I do not agree with it, but how can they think crimes like this are okay and should be forgiven? Why do they think they should not be prosecuted for identity theft or having fraudulent documents? Do not use the excuse as […]


What do you think about this Counterfeit documents are Paper Weapon first weapon war on terrorists?

The Castorena Leija-Sanchez crime organization is the major supplier of counterfeit documents/paper weapons in the United States. They are based in Mexico and have been operating in the United States for 17 years. They are in every major US city and earn approx.300 million dollars per year. They also deal in drugs and human smuggling. […]

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