Is there a way to anonymously report car insurance fraud?

A person is living in one state, but has their license and registration in another state to avoid paying for insurance in the state they live in. And since I am paying for their child to be in day care, and for them to get free health insurance for them self and their child (my […]


How do I report state assistance fraud?

My co-worker and I make the same amount of money. Her boyfriend makes a little less than my fiancee. They have 2 kids together, we have one kid together. My co-worker gets free child care, free health insurance, and subsidized housing, they have 1100 square feet and we have 800 square feet. They pay 5 […]


Husband (e-to be soon) arrested and going to jail for identity theft?

I have 2 small children – work full time, on wix now and have been put by what he did in a terrible situation – don’t make a lot of money, but too much to quality for free health insurance for my kids – Husband going to jail for 27 months – no child support […]

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