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Does it irritate you to see younger people on Social Security Disability instead of working?

I’ve employed thousands over the years and saw massive fraud where employees fake a bad back and end up being good enough actors to get on SS Disability for the rest of their lives. These parasites are the same ones who are up on their homes, roofing them and out riding dirt bikes or Hunting […]


how do you report financial aid fraud ?

I know someone who recently got married and now has shared parenting.she has listed her maiden name on her mortgage and has given false information as to who she lives with.She also has a p.o. box for her mail.In the shared parenting decree she does not receive child support however she gets the child on […]


i know that them “grant writing service” are scams, SO how do i go about getting grant money for a business?

I search through most of the gov. grants web pages, such as grantgov. &….ect the two grants that i would like to apply for is a small business grant and a project grant for decreasing the violent gun crimes in chicago. i know that free money is hard to get, but i need some […]


I want to research a company to see if its fraud:corporate mack inc/1200 pitt street /cornawall on k6h 4×5?

someone please help me research this company in Canada. I keep hearing about all the sweepstakes fraud and I dont want miss free money if this is true…Im looking for more information on this company.

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