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Tell us what you feel from this war poem inspired by LC?

Purple mountains majesty, Has turned into a fraud and travesty. Many remember the Vietnam war, Then have to ask what for? As the bomb makers stocks go high, You have the nerve to ask,why we cry. Keep your wars for peace,keep your wars for freedom, Why have us dying overseas,while many here need feeding? Stop […]


Can liberals be trusted or even?

Can Americans be trusted anymore??? I hope gm fails again, because I am short k of that stock, plus those workers are overpaid. Are congress approval rating is at a historical low. America and the euro zone is bankrupt, yet we both are being propped up on printed money. SOROS Made billions from cheating, while […]


can theft charges be filed after a trial for show cause and no appeal was made?

this is complicated. during a show cause for failure to pay child support, the plaintiff intentionally refused to disclose many payments, also charged higher insurance rates than the actual rate, the defendant was found guilty. defendant did not appeal due to several reasons, attorney fees etc. After much research and recovery of payment documentation defendant […]


Why is the criminal justice system in America designed as it is?

After years of observation. I have come to the conclusion that ANY LEGISLATION PASSED AT STATE AND FEDERAL LEVEL is passed for only a couple of reasons and those reasons have nothing to do with improving the lives of the American people but always to improve the size and numbers of corporate bank accounts and […]


Who thinks that the government is a fraud?

JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. were all shot after making great speeches about freedom etc. Do you think that the government has to do with those murders?

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