I accidently gave my banking information to a phishing email?

Its been a week and nothing has happened. I have no credit card and I have no credit since I am just an freshman in college, do you think any will happen? Banking info included SS and I feel really stupid and really stressed out right now. I have barley any money in account also. […]


How do I become an immigration lawyer?

I’m interested in becoming an immigration lawyer but I’m not sure what is required. I am fluent in two languages (English and Spanish) and I’m working on a 3rd (German). I’m a freshman in a junior college taking "intro to paralegal studies" cause that’s pretty much all the law related courses I can take. How […]


Does Life Ever Get Better?

I don’t see the point in anything. I don’t have friends and my family is messed up mainly because of my dad. He abuses us mentally and physically to my siblings, mom, and I all the time ( he only tried to kill my mom no one else). My mom always keeps him because of […]

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