How can I change my dad's behavior ?

Ok, he is about 54, a Civil Engineer and a big (in a physical sense) man; he used to be very friendly and amazing (like my brother now, family comedian) and over the years he served many people quite tirelessly and selflessly; naturally as a result our own family life took the backseat (not anything […]


Looking for an attorney in Boston – Ref: Contracts Entered Into?

I am in Japan and need a lawyer versed in Massachusetts law on contracts entered into/rights of first refusal. Fighting contractual fraud by a Japanese auto maker. I was contracted to Reebok (prod endorser) when the Japanese firm made a bona fide offer to Reebok for my services, taking advantage of the 60 day contract […]


Stop!! Ever hear of still another kind of 'welfare' fraud? Meaning BIG time? Some not even caught yet?

Just the other night saw still another example of a doctor who cheated Medicare to the tune of hundreds of millions. And we haven’t even reached the tip of the Iceberg. (I’m a taxpayer. Would much rather pay taxes to help some woman with three kids whose deadbeat husband left her and the kids, than […]

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