My boyfriend's mom wants him to get involved with insurance fraud…?

He was kicked out in February and has not spoken to her since. He has heard from his family that she received a pink slip at work, lost her house, and will be staying at his grandma’s. She left him a voicemail yesterday saying that her house was broken into and that she would need […]


What can you do when real estate broker is dishonest?

I have just closed on a foreclosed property. I feel the real state broker committed fraud. Property appraiser gave us a list with all the repairs that should be done before the closing. I have submitted an estimate from a Florida licensed and insured contractor as electric, plumbing and a/c work should be performed. The […]


how do l dob in an insurance fraud?

the property l rented had the garage ceiling collapse in. the reason why it fell in was because the garage door blew off its hinges in very strong winds causing damage to the roof. my landlord told me to lie to the insurance company and not mention this otherwise they wouldnt get their insurance claim.when […]

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