I need some quick legal advice pertaining to fraud Please.?

Unfortunately my fiance’s father passed away in April and there was a life insurance policy she was unaware that her and her mother were listed as the sole beneficiaries on the policy. He fathers ex business partner know about the policy and arranged a meeting saying they were entitled to some money from this insurance […]


a lawyer in greenville south carolina to help retrieve stolen money?

I’m suppose to move to Greenville South Carolina in two weeks.Before I decided to move my sister and I met with a nice man to look at a house.The down payment was 00.00.At the time we both did’nt have that so we decided as soon as we do we’ll send it.The money was sent off […]


rental complaint filed for consumer fraud?

Does anyone know how long it takes for a complaint to go to court. I filed a consumer fraud complaint against a realtor and a gentleman who was in on the scam against me. The gentleman was served the complaint by the sheriff but they can’t seem to get a hold of the realtor. Her […]

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