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why does everyone hate short sellers?

This short selling ban is, without question, the scariest thing to come out of the whole mess. And it is not that I don’t have perspective. The meltdown of three bulge bracket I-banks and the largest insurer in the world is pretty damn scary. But at least it wasn’t the government’s doing. You see, I […]


anyone have a link to related court cases or information about auto insurance fraud in California?

My bf rolled his truck about 1 yr ago. he had full coverage auto insur. & he was the only 1 involved. when he went home under the poor advice of "friends" he reported his truck stolen after being jumped (this was fabricated). 4 days later he had guilt & confessed to the police and […]


How do I find a good securities fraud attorney?

A brokerage firm/broker invested my money very inappropriately. I have contacted several attorneys, who feel I have a good case/good chance of getting some of my money back. I’ve found attorneys who work on 33% contingency basis, and who do not charge me anything if I do not collect. I would like to be able […]


I am trying to fight for custody of my son and need help?

I am trying to fight for custody of my son his mother lives in New Jersey and I live in NYC. I believe his mother to be committing fraud by lying on her wages to receive wic also taking child support payments from me every month. My question is would i have a good chance […]


can someone please tell me what this means???

"These civil proceedings do not prevent criminal prosecution for the alleged act of retail fraud." i got my civil demand letter… ( i got caught shoplifting.. ) 🙁 i feel horrible and dumb already and i cant understand half of things this letter say… does that mean i wont get pressed criminal charges if i […]

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