What groups will be most suppressed by the Republican's voter disenfranchisement schemes?

The Republican War on Voting Using the Department of Justice, friendly governors, and its usual propaganda outlets, the GOP has propagated the myth of voter fraud to purge the rolls of millions of non-Republicans. http://prospect.org/cs/articles?article=the_republican_war_on_voting


With the demise of big labor which supported progress causes in years past, who speaks for the American worker?

The republican party has always existed because of corporate money but the democrats now take as much corporate blood money as do republicans due to lack of an organized base of union worker support. With both parties taking corporate bribes, tea party governors like Rick Scott (Mr. Medicare Fraud), who the hell speaks for the […]


How much evil has the Rockefeller family done?

Can you think of any crimes, massacres, wars, fraud or any distasteful behavior on the part of the Rockefellers? Whether it be as senators war mongering, governors massacring or robber barons plainly stealing, can you come up with any Rockefeller crimes?

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