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How can i be charged with benefit fraud?

In November 2007 my husband lost his job of 6 years we had to sign on at the benefits office. on 25/01/2008 we inherited £50,000 from my mother in law who had died. the day the money went into our account we signed off. we gave our children and grandchildren some money each we went […]


custody order based in criminal fraud?

Need help with analysis of a custody order, which was the result of family abduction (by paternal grandparents). Parents attempted to move with children, to put a stop to ongoing manipulation, harrassment, false reports to cps, and abuse towards the parents. Grandmother tricked son into filing for divorce, then snatched grandchildren when parents chose to […]


What do you think about this Woman pleads guilty to running marriage immigration scheme family helped?

DALLAS (AP) – A 71-year-old woman accused of recruiting family members to marry foreigners seeking green cards pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking part in an immigration fraud conspiracy. Federal prosecutors say Maria Refugia Camarillo of Fort Worth faces five years in prison and a 0,000 fine when she is sentenced in September. She also must […]


should a man when DNA has cleared him of being the biological father, continue to pay child support?

in cases where women have an affair, then give birth to the lovechild of the affair, but not tell their husband, and then one day he finds out about the affair, divorces, get stuck with child support thinking the child was his, has a dna test, and then confirms he is not the father, and […]


what kind of attorney would be best for handeling fraud regarding a trust?

my father died in 2004 jan. and step mother died 2004 april. there was a 3 part trust and my step family took practically all of it. i’ve been to a few attorneys and was told that my step mother had the right to give most of my share to her grandchildren now me and […]


Our Daughters Suicide -How Do You Move On?

Recently, our 43 year old daughter committed suicide (shot herself in the head w/357 magnum). This has left us completely and untterley devastated. How does one handle this? My husband has seemed to throw himself into his extracurricular activities, biking, swimming, walking, etc. I am having a more difficult time just getting up out of […]

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