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I have a ex-friend that is committing child support fraud.?

My ex-friend is collecting child support for her son (her only son) every week or whenever the biological father puts money towards the support. I would like to know how I can go about having this checked out and taken care of? She is taking advantage of the state since she hasn’t had custody of […]


court tomorrow mother help?

i have court tomorrow for taking 465 dollars out of fathers account in md. basically im being charged with forgery public document up to 10 yrs for this charge and two theft under 500 one charge for 450 and one for 15 dollars which are misdemeanors. basically i was working for the bank and i […]


should I report my father for unemployment fraud and tax fraud?

I was wondering if under the circumstances it would be ok or just morally wrong to report my father? I know on first glance the question looks kinda screwed up but please read the situation before making an opinion! I lived with my grandmother when I was a child because my mother passed away when […]


custody order based in criminal fraud?

Need help with analysis of a custody order, which was the result of family abduction (by paternal grandparents). Parents attempted to move with children, to put a stop to ongoing manipulation, harrassment, false reports to cps, and abuse towards the parents. Grandmother tricked son into filing for divorce, then snatched grandchildren when parents chose to […]


Is it legal to buy life insurance for someone else?

I want to know if this is possible with or without help from an adult, and if it’s legal. I’m 13 and my grandmother is getting old. My dad lives with her but he has mental issues. I don’t think they’ve considered life insurance. A- If she already had life insurance would it be fraud […]


whats the consequence of fraud in Oklahoma for false claims on child disability?

my husband is going through a custody case to get his daughter back. Just two days ago we found out from his attorney that his daughters grandmother(who he has shared custody with) has applied for child disability for his daughter in 2009. We know she doesn’t have a disability, so what is the consequence for […]


Who do I need to contact to report auto insurance fraud with Eerie Insurance?

My grandmother committed insurance fraud during the summer of 2009. She let my uncle borrow her car. My uncle was drunk one night and let me 16 year old cousin drive him home. On the way home, a deer ran out into the road, my cousin swerved to miss the deer and ended up hitting […]


Welfare fraud question?

My husband just found out that his ex with whom he share 50% custody has been collecting cash aid for the past 10 months. He now has to pay back almost ,000 and they now started garnishing his wages making it nearly impossible for us to get by. He has two children with her and […]


neglected and abused child not getting the help she needs?

I have been trying to get my sister’s step grand daughter help that she needs. Her mother is severely addicted to crack she lives in a home where everyone is either addicted to crack or to prescription meds to the point that they sell their food stamps this family is on government assistance (believe me […]


For those poeple who agree with me that the noted psychic Sylvia Brown is a total fraud ,please say why?

I see her on the Montel William’s show and for me she is total B.S. and a Fraud of significance and should be indicted for fraud in court. People who believe the crap she spews out on her appearances and in our books (I am sorry to say) are the saddest , most pathetic , […]


What should become of those who are ravaged with greed?

What do you do when your robbed out of your inheritance by a step parent? When it’s family and they are commiting fraud and forgery against your elderly grandmother who is ill, Should you turn them into the cops? Or should you do nothing because it’s "family" and it will cause a huge family break […]


My mom moved to Texas and was working in Hawaii for the past five years.What state does she file unemployment?

So, she had to move to Texas to help save my grandmother’s house and file to be my grandmother’s power of attorney due to another family member commiting fraud against my grandmother…..Anyway, she is looking for a job in Texas but, wants to file for unemployment in the meantime….She has only worked in Hawaii for […]


Can someone with no physical custody of their children, apply for welfare? or is this consider Fraud in PA?

I am the grandmother of two girls. I have full custody of them. My son got out of jail. He always loved his girls. The mother had abandoned the girls. He started living with a widow with 2 kids of her own. After about two months he started spending weekends with her which included my […]


Is it legal for a woman to receive welfare benefits if the father is not working and living with her?

The woman is living with the man’s grandmother. She has a 3 year old child by this man, then had another about 4 months ago and is now pregnant from the same man. She receives benefits and he has never worked(or her either) in the 4 years they have lived there. Is this welfare fraud?


Is this crimianl probate fraud ? I think I found hard evidence.?

My grandmother was named the personal representative of my father who died in 1992. I was a child when he died that is why she was named the PR. My sister and I are the only heirs to the estate.She lied to us and told us there was no money left and basically tried to […]



On what to do!??? I am so lost here My grandmother and her lawyer have been working on our estate for 17 years My sister and I were told he died bankrupt and we believed her. Three years ago I found out there was money. I finally now have PROOF of everything they hid from […]

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