I think my friend is being taken advantage of by an Immigration lawyer?

I have a friend who came form Armenia on a tourist visa and never left. (Bad Idea I know, I know!., but he is an incredible human!) He has been trying to get any sort of legal status for the past 3 years. Almost 3 years later, and 6000 dollars in legal fees. He still […]


How can I change my dad's behavior ?

Ok, he is about 54, a Civil Engineer and a big (in a physical sense) man; he used to be very friendly and amazing (like my brother now, family comedian) and over the years he served many people quite tirelessly and selflessly; naturally as a result our own family life took the backseat (not anything […]


Is This Food Stamp Fraud?

OK so my mom does not work at all, and she does not speak English. My mom went to the hospital to see a friend’s grandpa, and told me to call social service to check on why they did not give us food stamp. My mom’s cousin pays for all of her bills. Im only […]

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