How do I know shes not using me for a greencard?

This is going to be a long. Please help me , i have no one else to turn to , this is a very serious issue here. I appreciate this, Thanks. Heres the issue, I met a girl whom is much younger then me. She is from another country but she is here now working […]


I want to migrate to canada should I go canada?

Hi I will finish my BSc in Computing and Information Systems next year from university of London Metropolitan. I am an East Indian person and a very friendly person as well and I treat everyone with respect. I live video games a lot and stuff like that. But I would really like to live in […]


legal advice needed please!!?

my fiancĂ© has been here since he was 3 years old and he is now 21. He came to the us on a b2 visa but obviously overstayed it. How can I possibly marry him and file for him to get his greencard without him getting in trouble for overstaying his visa. Btw I don't […]

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