Need help with forgery and fraud by my union?

Back early this year it came to my knowledge that the union I was a member of committed forgery by signing my name on a grievance and passing it off as my own because they did not do their job to represent me the right way so they threw out my real grievance and made […]


Still effected by a bad lawyer

Juz as i thought i had gotten over a real injustice i recieved from the hands of very poor lawyer who worked ( and is still working) for Adam F Greenhalgh & Co 17 & 20 Mawdsley Street Bolton, back in 2000 . Hearing how Kerry Katonas mother got off with a condition discharge brought […]


What are the consequences of lying about a death in the family to your work place?

Especially after you’ve signed a bereavement document? Would this be faulty grievance? Or worse, fraud? What should one do in this position? +And this was only ONE DAY that this person missed. +It was over her anxiety problems. She has a job where she takes a lot of physical hits.

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