How do I report state assistance fraud?

My co-worker and I make the same amount of money. Her boyfriend makes a little less than my fiancee. They have 2 kids together, we have one kid together. My co-worker gets free child care, free health insurance, and subsidized housing, they have 1100 square feet and we have 800 square feet. They pay 5 […]


Medical costs…Would this work…and if not, why not?

Why not forget private or public insurance for the regular everyday medical costs that we all should be incurring? Things like screening for certain illnesses or conditions, doctors office visits, x rays, etc. and use the private OR public insurance program ONLY for catastrophic illnesses. People of all income groups would be charged for services […]


How do you know if someone has committed tax fraud?

Our company grossed 5,000 last year. I noticed on the corporate tax filing that the owner declared 0,000 as the gross income. Can someone more educated tell me if you would subtract a loss from your gross income? I have only done 1040s but on that form you would list the loss against your taxable […]

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