Rumors have surfaced on the Internet that after his prosecution for the largest Medicaid fraud scandal in US?

History that governor Rick Scott of Florida covered his legal fees and paid for a significant portion of his gubernatorial campaign through the illegal distribution of Vicodin, Oxycontin and other prescription pain-killing drugs. Then, after becoming governor Scott mandated a statewide crack-down on distribution of these drugs, effectively turning the entire law enforcement community of […]


Nicky Diaz Gets $5,500 From Meg Whitman & Why Want Obama Charge Her With Document Fraud Using Stolen Documents?

At a labor hearing today in San Jose, Nicky Diaz was awarded ,500 in back pay from her former employer, Meg Whitman. Thus ends the only storyline that most people will remember from the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, the upstairs/downstairs fable of the billionaire brought low by her illegal immigrant maid. Whitman probably won’t miss the […]

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