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victim of credit report fraud?

I need some help. I’m 22 years old. Three years ago Experian put over 0,000 in debt, that did not belong to me, onto my credit report, the debt belonged to somebody with a similar name who lived in the same town as me. Needless to say my credit limit on my credit card got […]


Corrupt Lawyer in Spain Perpetrating International Fraud – How and to whom should they be reported?

We have encountered a Spanish lawyer perpetrating international fraud. He is an active practicing attorney in Spain, and the scam only works b/c he is an active attorney. We have him dead to rights with overwhelming and irrefutable evidence. Corrupt lawyers anywhere likely face similar penalties. We’ll put him in jail if possible. Any guidance […]


Should I expect my real estate agent to understand my loan paperwork?

I’m a first time homebuyer. I’m unsure if I’m getting a good deal on my potential loan. I took the preliminary offer paperwork to my real estate agent who HAD NO IDEA how to read the good faith estimate, didn’t know how to explain to me where to look for language about prepayment penalties, etc… […]


Would this be Medicaid fraud?? Lab tests?

My husband lost his job after 10 years and I applied for Medicaid for the family. I’m grateful it is there, but not happy about using it. In June I was admitted to the hospital with meningitis. I rec’d a card in the mail that said I was required by Medicaid to get a checkup […]


Is this telemarketing company a fraud??

I work for a company called grand discovery, it is a travel company. I am actually a telemarketer for them, working in a seperate building. they do not take taxes out of our paychecks, and gave us w-9 tax forms to fill out when i started. a major issue also is they get massive amounts […]

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