can i place a lawsuit on a company that was trying to commit fraud on me? can i sue them. im thinkin of suing?

i got a membership ffrom POWERHOUSE GYM and i signed a membership that i could cancel any month i chose to, so i just went there for a month and canceled. so a couple months later i get a 0 bill and its from POWERHOUSE GYM and they tell me that i owe them that […]


Legal Advice for Gym Membership?

On 3/1/10 I signed up for a gym membership with Snap Fitness, which is a 24-hour gym. I liked the idea of a 24-hour gym because my schedule is not like most people’s 9-5, I usually do not get off work til around 1 am, the membership was .95 a month for both my sister […]


Immigration Fraud Interview…?

Hi every1, My wife and I are called in for a fraud interview. My Lawyer says to bring all evidence…But we are young, and we are not millionaires…we are rich in love. thats why we got married. we only have one credit card, debit card , check and savings account. a gym membership, a cell […]

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