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I was fired from walgreens for retail fraud which I didn’t do now I’m getting letters saying I owe them money.?

I was fired for using an expired coupon which I didn’t know was expired when I used it. My former boss fired his entire staff for using the coupon. About a month later I got a letter from their lawyers saying I owe them civil recovery money of 4 for something that cost , so […]


Please advise me re: how to handle credit fraud…?

So a while ago I started getting weird things in the mail. Prostate pills… diet pills…other dietary supplements…’Work From Home!’ business CDs…etc. All manner of garbage. So when I began receiving these weird things in the mail, I went to my bank and looked at my last couple weeks worth of charges. I quickly realized […]


My ex husband (we’re separated, divorcing now) essentially stole bill money from me, what can I do?

To start, my ex moved out in the beginning of August, I’d been transferring money for half the bills to his bank account every month. Shortly after he moved out, I found out he hadn’t paid any of the bills for 2 months. We had a meeting with his attorney and he agreed to catch […]


If a wife signs husbands name to a joint Income Tax refund check without his knowledge, is this check fraud?

My sons marriage is on the Rocks. They separated after filing a joint Federal return. He told her when the refund check arrived to call him and he’d endorse it and split the money with her, which seemed fair since it was all based on his income because she hadn’t worked. She had a better […]


Ebay FRAUD! Are their lawyers out there for this?

I purchased a car nearly 7 weeks ago for 00.00. I paid by check and the seller cashed my check. I have a copy of it with his signature from the bank. I have been in contact with the seller and he kept telling me the title was going to be FedEx to me. First […]

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